LichtensteinRE brokered an $8,000,000 transaction for us.

Unlike most brokers, LichtensteinRE EARNED every penny of their commission for which they outperformed their competitors. Because of their giant network of buyers, extreme tenacity, and relentless follow through, we quickly received and then vetted scores of offers to arrive at the perfect buyer for our building, namely an all cash buyer at 97% of our asking price.

After LichtensteinRE negotiated a conference call meeting of the minds between me and the buyer that LichtensteinRE had pre-qualified to my satisfaction, LichtensteinRE stayed up all night to memorialize our understanding that I drafted into an agreement of sale that we signed in around 24 hours.

The highlights of working with LichtensteinRE are:

1. LichtensteinRE procured pre-approval from one of their lenders for maximum financing of our properties pending their delivery to us of an acceptable pre-qualified buyer.

2. LichtensteinRE makes themselves
available at all hours of the day.

3. LichtensteinRE does not get
deterred by deal obstacles. LichtensteinRE is very rational and focused on solutions
rather than problems.

4. The principal of LichtensteinRE is very bright.

5. The principal of LichtensteinRE is meticulous.

6. I look forward to doing a lot of business with
LichtensteinRE going forward and I recommend other multifamily
and commercial property owners to sign up with LichtensteinRE to sell
their properties.


MC, Esquire, Partner