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Commercial Real Estate in NYC

Serving Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and surrounding areas.

LichtensteinRE is a top performing “one stop commercial real estate shop” real estate brokerage boutique agency providing full services to buyers and sellers of NYC apartment buildings for salecommercial real estate in NYCapartment buildings for sale, buildings for sale, multifamily properties for sale, investment properties for sale, mixed use properties for sale, commercial real estate for sale, apartment buildings for sale Bronx NY, Commercial real estate for sale NYC, apartment buildings for sale Brooklyn NY, commercial real estate for sale Bronx NY, apartment buildings for sale New York City, commercial real estate for sale Brooklyn NY. LichtensteinRE has repeatedly delivered the #1 NYC Commercial Real Estate sales results and set new records in the process.

Based in New York City, the financial capital of the world, LichtensteinRE has completed hundreds of successful transactions. Andrew Lichtenstein, President of LichtensteinRE, has closed hundreds of transactions he has worked on approaching nearly a billion dollars in financing and development commitments on behalf of real property investors, construction developers and business owner clientele including $200,000,000+/- in commercial real estate sales. LichtensteinRE has been paid on hundreds of commercial real estate sales and financing transactions totaling many hundreds of millions in transaction volume.

LichtensteinRE is specifically focused on the sale of NYC multifamily properties containing a minimum of 5 residential units and a minimum sale price of $1,000,000. LichtensteinRE specializes in commercial real estate for sale in NYC and the boroughs of ManhattanBrooklynBronxQueens and Staten Island. LichtensteinRE works in these most desirable real estate markets in the country for local and foreign multifamily property investors. It also focuses in commercial real estate for sale in The Bronx, a great market for investors who are looking for a better return for their New York City investments.  Because of its deep knowledge of the New York commercial real estate market and its investment assets, LichtensteinRE can help its clients achieve better results than other NYC commercial real estate brokerage companies. LichtensteinRE knows how to get the deal done.

LichtensteinRE values each listing, seller and buyer much more so than any other company. We are selective and careful about which listings we work on. We provide personalized individual attention, stopping at nothing until we succeed and sell the seller’s property. LichtensteinRE offers perseverant customer service with an unstoppable work ethic to deliver the best financially capable prescreened buyer to close each transaction smoothly and professionally. We strive to provide trustworthy and tenacious customer service. We work day and night until we sell the property on behalf of each exclusive seller.

LichtensteinRE is the most professional and reliable brokerage agency to sell your property, working always for your best interest and achieving results that will exceed your expectations.  LichtensteinRE clients include experienced, professional owner operators that own thousands of apartments and millions of square feet of commercial real estate.

LichtensteinRE financial contacts that can benefit buyers and sellers include private fast money lenders, institutional lenders including banks, unions, pensions, trusts, life insurance companies, REIT real estate investment trusts, hedge funds, Wall Street investment banks, etc. LichtensteinRE has valuable relationships with lenders, law firms, attorneys, 1031 exchange facilitators, appraisers, architects, engineers, title insurance companies, escrow agents, general contractors, electricians, plumbers, oil, gas, solar, wind, and geothermal energy providers to benefit LichtensteinRE’s client buyers and sellers.

LichtensteinRE’s knowledge, proven experience, financing ability, exclusive buyers and contacts will get you the best possible price when you sell your commercial property.  LichtensteinRE has closed deals that no one else could possibly have done. Our greatest ability is creativity and problem solving.

LichtensteinRE has a finance division that provides acquisition financing and refinancing at lowest rates and highest dollars highest LTV,  facilitating  the delivery of the best price for the seller and maximum leverage and return on investment possible for the buyer, guaranteeing best possible results for the buyer and for the seller and a smooth closing in the process. LichtensteinRE commercial mortgage applicants can quickly apply to be qualified and approved as LichtensteinRE is a One Stop Commercial Real Estate Shop.

LichtensteinRE has experience and capabilities to assist buyers and sellers with financial analysis.

  • Use ourLichtensteinRE’s Mortgage Calculator: to Determine Mortgage Interest Payments, and Mortgage Principal Paydown Mortgage Reduction Amortization Schedule and Expected Mortgage Balance Due Upon Balloon at Maturity, Interest Only or Self Liquidating Amortization Schedule.
  • Use ourLichtensteinRE’s Mortgage Underwriting Tool to Estimate Maximum Qualified Possible Available Multifamily and Commercial Mortgage Amounts Based on Different Underwriting Criteria Variables.

After you sign our Exclusive Seller’s Brokerage Agreement, we will devote our best salespeople and resources to sell your commercial real estate property.  Each exclusive commercial property for sale will be handled by a highly trained sales associate with the full support of the entire LichtensteinRE team. We will convert leads into real offers.

LichtensteinRE uses state of the art marketing technology to maximize the exposure of our investment properties for sale to our ever expanding network of tens of thousands of domestic and international buyers.  The more people know about the availability of your commercial real estate property and building, the more offers we will get you.  LichtensteinRE will use all its resources to personally reach out call and contact every possible buyer that we are able.  LichtensteinRE has one of the “biggest” buyer databases in the industry with well over 50,000± names of potential real estate investors that our principal started building going as far back as 1986 over 30 years of successful business. We also utilize the best tools available to us to reach every potential buyer that is not already in our database as we attract the best new buyers who enter the marketplace.

LichtensteinRE will widely market your property on the internet on various successfully proved web sites. LichtensteinRE will also use online marketing strategies to create more traffic and turn that traffic into competitive bids for your property. Online strategies include the wide use of Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

In addition to our staff showing your multifamily property to prospective buyers, Andrew Lichtenstein will personally visit the most important possible active buyers in the local market to create an auction atmosphere to receive the highest possible sales price for your investment property. We will try reach every possible person we can with our professional marketing strategies. Unlike many other real estate brokerage companies that hoard their listings in house to squeeze for themselves the highest commission, LichtensteinRE invites and welcomes outside broker participation. LichtensteinRE protects and pays outside licensed real estate brokers and attorneys that sell LichtensteinRE listings and refer seller listings to LichtensteinRE.

LichtensteinRE has helped and represented a growing list of buyers, investors and mortgage borrowers around the United States, as well as of many nationalities and origins worldwide including from China, Japan, Russia, Italy, India, Pakistan, Israel, England United Kingdom, Egypt, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Hungary, Haiti, the Middle East, North America, South America, Africa and Europe to buy and finance commercial real estate.

After selling your property, LichtensteinRE can negotiate and guide you through the 1031 exchange process. We will help you achieve your goals to SELL and BUY again.  LichtensteinRE can help you to buy positive cash flowing apartment building, mixed use, commercial real estate investment properties. With LichtensteinRE everyone is a winner!

LichtensteinRE has helped commercial real estate owners to sell their apartment buildings, mixed use, cash flowing investment properties, development sites, commercial real estate of different sizes meeting their price requirements and have helped them to buy replacement commercial real estate in tax deferred 1031 exchange like kind commercial real estate purchases. LichtensteinRE has helped 1031 exchange sellers to sell their commercial real estate and to buy replacement property. In at least one example the buyer nearly doubled its cash flow after the sale and years later cash flow was quadruple presale positive cash flow. LichtensteinRE has sold commercial real estate in many parts of New York, New York City, including Bronx, Riverdale, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Yonkers as well as Westchester and Rockland Counties.

LichtensteinRE values each seller much more than other companies. Our real estate sales are superior to bigger companies whose listings can sometimes just sit and collect dust because we are more dedicated and appreciative of each individual customer.  Our exhaustive knowledge of the New York City real estatemarket will get the highest possible price for your property.  We promise to provide personalized and transparent attention, stopping at nothing until we succeed!

If you are a commercial real estate property owner, seller or broker with positive cash flowing commercial real estate property for sale, LichtensteinRE will work tirelessly to sell it.  We will provide you with the most professional and obsessive customer service satisfaction. Lichtenstein Real Estate will help you to achieve your goals to SELL and BUY and to BUY and SELL.

LichtensteinRE can sometimes get the seller a price for their properties that exceeds the seller’s expectations in a transparent process.   Let LichtensteinRE sell your commercial real estate, apartment building, mixed use and investment property. When buying, selling, financing, borrowing commercial real estate in New York, trust LichtensteinRE’s experts and expertise to help you make informed decisions. Contact us now for a FREE consultation.

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