LichtensteinRE Investment Section

If you are a bona fide, qualified, accredited investor then LichtensteinRE from time to time may be able to offer you attractive investment opportunities in debt/loans or equity as described below,

with yields typically starting around 3% to over 10% over the Prime Rate of interest for an investor face rate yield of 6.25% to 13.25%+.

If you would like to invest you must first qualify and demonstrate to us that you are a bona fide accredited investor.

Please fill out this online questionnaire below providing as much information as possible.

We will contact you and forward you suitable opportunities for your consideration.

Please note that we are not licensed to sell, and we do NOT offer, nor do we work with, nor do we sell securities of any kind.
We only sell entire fee simple real estate properties owned by other property owners, or facilitate placement or sale of entire whole commercial mortgage loans secured by real property.

1. Accredited Investor Qualification

To qualify as an accredited investor, kindly check the options below. Click here
if you would like a detailed explanation of accredited investors.

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